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I am Bryce Noone, 22 year old, specilising in wedding photography in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Sydney area. However, I do often travel outside of these areas for destination weddings & elopements. My approach to wedding photography is to create a visual journal that documents and tells the story of your special day; letting the day unfold through spontaneous moments while capturing it in a unique, artistic & unobtrusive way.
What I mean by all that is, I like to keep it ‘REAL’. I’m not the kind of photographer who will pose you for every single photograph, I won’t tell you to smile every 10 seconds and if I shoot your wedding we won’t create those cliche’ boring old shots!

Of course there’s certain photos that are crucial to take throughout the day, but as well as capturing all of these I like to add a bit of my own artistic flare to the images I create. I am very much passionate about producing high quality photos and an enjoyable, relaxed experience for each of my clients.

A little bit more about exactly who I am…

  • Born in the Hunter Valley NSW
  • Spent the first 2 years of my life on a farm in Wallarobba, a place in the middle of no-where.
    (Not too far from Dungog, still don’t know where I’m talking about? Don’t worry, most people don’t…)
  • Not many people know, but I am also a musician. Growing up I was encouraged to learn piano, however I never showed much interest in it & eventually my parents bought me a drum kit. That was back in late 2004.
  • I borrowed a camera from a friend back in 2009, it was an old film Nikon F5. From the first shot I was hooked on photography, since then I’ve been shooting & sharpening my skills ever since.
  • In 2012 I studied photography at a Newcastle photographic studio completed all 4 courses offered by the studio – ranging from studio photography right through to field photography/weddings.
  • I enjoy a good coffee
  • In November 2015 on the 21st, I married the most gorgeous girl in the world! My amazing wife Amy!

We ‘dated’ for 4 years before I finally decided to make it official – Proposing to her at sunset on Dudley’s Beach, back in June & getting married the following November. Yes you read that right, we pulled the wedding together in a little over 6 months!




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