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Newcastle Bridal Styled Shoot


A simple, BOHO, elegant Newcastle bridal styled shoot on the sand dunes of Anna Bay, Port Stephens. Featuring florals by the amazingly talented Ella of Promise Flower Co, based in the Hunter Valley. Ella (Florist), Madelynn (Hair, Make Up – Model) and I had the idea to collaborate on a shoot to showcase our styles in a collective way. It was a gorgeous location to shoot and working with experienced wedding suppliers meant it all came together seamlessly. Here is what we created…

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A hands on, creative job working with people is the only kind of job i want. I started as a Hairdresser in 2011 but found my true niche in February 2013 when i began training as a florist at Valley Fresh Flowers. To gain more experience i then worked at Morpeth Flower Gallery for 18 months, before being inspired by all the beautiful people around me to begin my own business where i could create in my own environment, with my own personal designs.

I found the courage to begin Promise Flower Co when my beautiful sister got married in October 2016, of course i did her flowers, what gift could compare? And her reaction is what did it for me. She knew next to nothing about flowers, and her descriptions of what she wanted were a little all over the place, so i worked with her to create the perfect designs, and when she saw them, she couldnt believe that i had brought her vision into reality,  they were exactly what she wanted. Once it sank in that it was my work that caused her to say that, i thought to myself “i dont ever want to do anything else”. So with the ideas and experience i have, i took a leap, a leap that is Promise Flower Co.

I feel I don’t have a specific style, i have a personal favorite to enjoy for myself, which can be described as an English garden style, soft colours of English wildflowers bundled together looking so beautiful its like they have just grown there. But one of the things i love most about designing wedding flowers is adapting my style to each individual couple. If a couple comes to me wanting an elegant, structured bouquet of white roses bound in perfectly smooth satin ribbon, i want to create that because that is who they are, as individuals. Likewise if someone comes to me wanting a free flowing, wild, abundant bouquet of natives and Proteas, i want to create that for the couple who love that style. I also love the opportunity to work with couples who have no idea what they want, i love to talk with them, find out who they are and what they visualise for their wedding day so i can bring that to life.

Well whats not to love? I love weddings because they are a time when people forget everything and celebrate two people who have chosen to love each other above all else. I love that a wedding is the formation of a whole new family, a family that can grow endlessly. I chose this profession because to be a part of that is truly an honor for me, for a couple to trust me to turn their ideas into a reality is the most wonderful feeling, and hearing the words “It’s exactly how I imagined!” brings me so much joy.

My name is Ella Randall, i am 22 years old and I have always been an artist of sorts. My creative flare has always shown through everything i did and making a career out of that was a must for me. I have been married to my wonderful husband since 2013 and we have a house together in Raymond Terrace with our dog Pepper, an 18 month old Doberman. I traveled around alot as a child, moving from place to place with my family and i am so grateful for those experiences because they helped shape me to who i am, an introvert who loves to be a part of other peoples lives and journeys. I value my family and friends more than anything because they have helped me be comfortable with who i am, an artistic, crazy neat-freak who loves animals, my family and books, an outdoorsy girl who loves to exercise, ride motorbikes and eat chocolate until i feel sick. I love to get the best out of life and do what i enjoy.

I have known Bryce for over four years now and have always loved his style, he did my wedding back in 2013 and he did such an incredible job. He made my husband and i feel so comfortable during all the photos and his ability to capture who we are and the essence of our day was so comforting. Now being a professional wedding florist it has been so wonderful working alongside Bryce, so when he asked me to create a bridal bouquet for The Dunes shoot, i jumped at the opportunity.  And as always, he was so easy to work with and so professional. I love seeing my bouquets captured by him because it always shows them off in their most beautiful form.

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hunter valley florist promise flower co newcastle weddingsLIKE Promise Flower Co on Facebook 

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